London, UK

Marcelo Bielsa ¡CARAJO!

Vamos Leeds etc. etc.
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A3 ¡CARAJO! print:

  • 300gsm white recycled board - for a premium recycled finish with a textured look.

  • Posted First Class, in hardback envelopes. No tubes. No rolling.


Height: 420 millimetres
Width: 297 millimetres

Royal Mail are extremely slow at the minute thanks to the pandemic. Every order is tracked, so feel free to contact me if you think it’s gone missing.
I know what they’re up to.

(Frame not included, but I do recommend a mounted frame as pictured).

Bielsa, El Loco, Art, Leeds United, Carajo

Slightly rude version.

Slightly less rude version.


Even made its way onto a flag, which now sits elegantly in Elland Road as a semi-permanent fixture. At least until COVID fucks off. 

All credit to @LEGSYN8GELDERD for the flag.

One of the charms of drawing at excessively high resolutions is that it scales up on flags very nicely. The drawing is actually big enough for a 4861 sq ft billboard. Apparently.

As majestically photographed by Grace Sullivan.

If you’d like an A1 version such as the one pictured here, just head to my shop.
£65 though, there’s no getting around how much it costs to print on very fancy paper at this size.
33.1" × 23.4" (841mm × 595mm) Giclée Canson Aquarelle Rag.
There’s lots of it, and it’s beautiful, but expensive. It also includes the (fuck).