London, UK

The Debt Bubble

University brief - A bubble full of Gross Domestic Product is a bit of a Gentleman's Fun Crisis but the economy is essentially all you hear about since the 2008 financial crash. What happens when you view debt and other important day to day statistics over a much larger time-scale, with the relevant context? Is the debate enhanced?

An  interactive infographic combining thousands of pages worth of OBR data. Tracking the UK, and its financial states across hundreds of years isn't perhaps the easiest way to make a political point, but data with out relative comparison is often misleading for something so inert at a digit placed in situ. However information can be manipulated without distortion, and so providing historical context for debt rises and inflation rates, contrasted and compared with a focus on our last 100 years gave me a special insight to this debt crisis of ours, and I hope it can help inform others about the merits of austerity or any other economic policy.

I covered many points in history from the expansion of the English Navy to Margaret Thatcher's Privatisation program. Each with records of debt, interest rates, average house pries, price of milk and so on.