London, UK

The Square Ball

A small selection of things that have been featured in The Square Ball.
Always framed perfectly by the immensely talented
Eamonn Dalton.

Nothing here I personally want to show off, but I do want to show Eamonn off. He’s incredibly talented, and a very much unsung hero for The Square Ball. Artwork gets a lot of the praise online, but there’s he’s the one coordinating it, commissioning it, and in most cases art directing it. I often just send him whatever weird stuff I’ve made on my own, but he’s been at the heart of pretty much anything I’ve ever received credit for. I’m quite tedious, and regularly send over single pixel corrections.
Yet to block my email address.

His idea for Luke kicking a ball, here.

His idea to dress Bailey up like Frida Kahlo, here.